Make bigger life decisions. Better.

A visual, formula and spreadsheet-free, financial scenario builder.

Build, collaborate and share multiple financial and life scenarios.

Fluid, Visual Decision-Making

Build and present infinite financial scenarios interactively with your clients, partners and stakeholders. Next level client KYC & engagement.

Answers evolve by the minute. We integrate with multiple data feeds and all of your stakeholders. Count on cloud-based notifications as your projections change.

Real-Time Collaboration

5 stars. Not all answers are financial. Use our rank, review and social feedback algorithm to calculate the intangibles. Like real life.

Run our Decision Engine

Build Trust

Share, comment and interact. Better understand your client's decision-making motivations and how to build a bond with them.

Next Level KYC and Client Engagement

whatifi provides your client with the confidence and peace-of-mind that your recommendations will be successful long-term. Use our library of connectable decision "nodes" to build out complex scenarios and then share the best path through those results.


"This is a game changer. There is nothing like this on the market today!"

"I would buy this and give it to every one of my brokers."

"So my clients can interact with this directly? Cool. They've been asking for this kind of a thing."

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